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The days are getting shorter, the nights are drawing in, and the Winter Solstice celebrations are finally here. This year the solstice will occur on Thursday, December 21. The sun will rise in the UK at 08:03 GMT and set at 15:53 GMT, giving us, a record breaking 7 hours and 50 minutes of day light. Traditions include, revellers gathering at Stonehenge to watch the sunrise.

It may feel like the days can’t get any shorter, but you are sadly mistaken, we are yet to experience the shortest day of the year. The solstice marks and moment the sun shines at its most southern point directly over the Tropic of Capricorn.

The day celebrated by pagans for thousands of years, will entail many traditions now associated with Christmas, including the Christmas tree. While the days are still short, dark, dingy and cold, once we pass the 21st the days will start getting longer and we can start looking forward to spring once again! 




With only 7 days till the big day, the roads are twice as busy, and everyone seems to be in a rush. Here are a few tips for driving to friends and family safely this Christmas:

1. Try to travel when no one else will be, for example early in the morning or late at night. The 20th-24th are the busiest days to travel, if possible try to avoid these dates or travel at quieter times. 

2. ALWAYS have a plan B, as we all know UK roads and motorways are hit and miss, especially the M25 aka the carpark, plan an alternative route if your first route is obstructed, this will cut out on stress and annoying kids saying they’re bored!

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