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The fallout from the collapse of construction giant Carillion has continued as it emerged the firm had just £29 million in cash by the time it went bust.


Carillion managed hundreds of public sector projects and vital public services such as security.


Extraordinary moment as a car being driven by a man on LSD flies across the sky, across a busy road before becoming embedded in a Dentist office. 

The white Nissan, narrowly misses a passing bus that captured the whole terrifying incident on dashcam. If it wasn’t caught on camera no one would’ve believed it!!

It can then be seen soaring higher and slamming into the wall of a dentist's office - getting stuck half way up the building.

The driver admitted he was high on drugs at the time and police say it was clear he had been speeding. Let that be a lesson to anyone who thinks its "cool" to drive while on drugs!

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Donald Trump has cancelled a planned visit to the UK in February, where he had been expected to open a new $1bn (£738m) US embassy in London.

In a tweet, the US president said he was not a "big fan" of the new embassy - which is moving from Mayfair to south London - saying it was a "bad deal" and the new building in Vauxhall, south London, was in an "off location".

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