The Services we provide are

We can provide a service that can be bespoke to our individual clients. Our main approach to providing services are:

 ·     Full Term Contracts

 ·     Managed Services

 ·     Response Service

Full Term Contract

We will provide a full security service to your business, either single or multiple sites. Our security personnel will be site trained, enabling them to become familiar with duties, staff and visitors.

We will provide full Assignment Instructions that are comprehensive along with full Security Operations Risk Assessments. Staff will be familiar with emergency protocol's thereby being effective within our clients Business and all Continuity Plans.

All operating procedures will be developed and agreed in line with our clients needs and expectations.

Managed Service

We will provide a dedicated security support team to your own in-house security staff, providing additional security personnel to assist in the cover of: 

  • Holidays
  • Sickness
  • Incidents
  • Functions, such as conferences 

These types of cover are normally planned, except in the cases of unforeseen sickness and absence. Our security personnel will be familiar with and work in accordance with our clients Assignment Instructions and procedures. We will provide:

  1. Pool of reserve staff, waiting to be deployed in a reasonable time frame
  2. Trained and dedicated team for each assignment

Response Service

Our response service is based on providing your business with immediate cover. Our officers will be deployed to provide the first line of support to ensure that your premises remain safe and secure. This may involve our mobile response service attending site in the first instance whilst our security personnel are mobilised by our 24-hour control room, this gives our clients peace of mind whilst they manage the incident affecting their business.


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