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Back in December 2017 at Teesside Crown Court, security director Christopher Catchpole, was ordered to pay back proceeds of crime amounting to £63,628.

Catchpole, formerly of Pro-Lock Security Limited based in Durham, had previously been sentenced to 32 months in prison at Teesside Crown Court in June 2017. He was convicted of money laundering, supplying an unlicensed security operative and acting as the director of a security company without an SIA licence.

The judge gave Catchpole three months to pay.  He faces an extra nine months in prison if he fails to produce the money, which will be raised by the sale of property belonging to Catchpole and his wife.

The successful conclusion of the case was the result of a lengthy investigation involving the SIA and the North East Regional Asset Recovery Team (RART).

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Could it be, the government awarding contracts to its mates, nepotism at its best maybe?


Carillion have struggled since 2015 when the cracks first started to show. The government must answer questions about why it continued to award Carillion contracts while the company was lining the pockets of the big bosses who have now endangered our hospitals, schools, transport infrastructure and smaller suppliers.”


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Repost: Although we don’t do nightclubs, venues etc, I still wanted to post this to get the #AskforAngela known for men and women who could be in vulnerable situations. 

“Over the past fortnight I was approached while playing by a young girl and asked for the first time, "Is Angela working tonight?" - having read about the #AskforAngela initiative I knew instantly what she was referencing, said yes, told her to jump in the DJ booth with me (she was extremely nervous...) and in turn asked the nearest security guard the same question. Luckily, he too knew, and the young girl was escorted through the back of the venue and into an Uber immediately. Her "date" upon returning from the bathroom was asked to leave by management, he without delay turned violent and security stepped-in.

Basically, #AskforAngela is a scheme in place (established in the UK) which aims at reducing sexual violence and vulnerability by providing women and men with a subtle phrase to assist getting them out of potentially dangerous and helpless situations. First-dates, Tinder-dates or frankly getting home alone after a night out can unfortunately (history-proven) be a risk. I urge all DJs, venues, those in hospitality/night-life to look into the concept and educate yourselves and your staff. 

It may seem extreme, but sometimes you may be someone's only option.”

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The fallout from the collapse of construction giant Carillion has continued as it emerged the firm had just £29 million in cash by the time it went bust.


Carillion managed hundreds of public sector projects and vital public services such as security.


Extraordinary moment as a car being driven by a man on LSD flies across the sky, across a busy road before becoming embedded in a Dentist office. 

The white Nissan, narrowly misses a passing bus that captured the whole terrifying incident on dashcam. If it wasn’t caught on camera no one would’ve believed it!!

It can then be seen soaring higher and slamming into the wall of a dentist's office - getting stuck half way up the building.

The driver admitted he was high on drugs at the time and police say it was clear he had been speeding. Let that be a lesson to anyone who thinks its "cool" to drive while on drugs!

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