Provides Key Holding services 

At our head office in Docklands, the 24 hour control room we operate a key holding service in line with British Standards 7984. The service allows a client to deposit their office keys permanently for safekeeping.

The service will then react on behalf of the client in the event of intruder/fire alarm activation.

We will respond instantly by:

  • Dispatching a monitored and tracked mobile vehicle with the keys 
  • Inspect the exterior of the building for signs of intrusion, check exterior sounder
  • Enter the building, inspect all areas thoroughly for signs of entry or false alarm
  • De-Activate intruder/fire alarms after fully investigating the incident
  • Call intruder/fire alarm engineer and await their arrival or re-activate the alarm
  • Await for any other services, glazing, Boarding up, Lock smith, Water board etc
  • Secure building and set alarms to normal state
  • Complete a detailed report and leave a copy on site, confirmation we attended

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