Why Choose 1SC Guarding Ltd?

Whether you are considering outsourcing your services for the first time or you have been doing it for years our services and expertise means that we can increase operational efficiency, lower costs and improve your current services.

 1SC Guarding Limited- Our unique qualities 

1. Ideal Location 

Our head quarters and only office is based in Docklands E14, meaning that we can get to you in no time!

5. Always striving to be better

We never sit back and wait for problems to happen. We constantly review what we do and how we do it and strive to improve daily. 

2. Our flexibility

Outsourcing to us allows your events and seasonal requirements to be covered quickly and efficiently.

6. Our likability 

There are only 2 factors that make a sucessful contract. 

1. The company

2. The staff

Great business leaders have great personalities. Our managers, supervisors and security officers are all respected, they all enjoy working for 1SC, well thats what they tell us!

3. Our attitude and Ethics 

For us to be sucessful in maintaining your trust, we need to have good attitude. Without this out staff won't enjoy going to work and performing their tasks to the best of their abilities. By working in a positive environment we are able to carry on with the encouraging working environment. 

7. Motivated Employees

When working with 1SC, people have more opportunities to develop and progress in their careers working for a specific outsourcing organisation, this then increases motivation and stability. 

4. Transfer of risk


Transfer the risks of running your Security Services to us. Whether it's the risks associated with employees or with delivering and managing your services, we will manage them for you.

8. Compliance

We can help companies to keep up to date and comply with complicated legislation and regulations to do with Services and Staff.

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