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Two really stupid security guards have been jailed for their part in a £7m staged robbery at a Heathrow Airport.

Mohammad Siddique, 32, and Ranjeev Singh, 40, both employed by Loomis Security claimed they had been robbed, were they? No, these two latter day idiots stole 26 bags of cash and thought they would walk away, talk about being thick!! 

The court was told that after driving from the depot, Siddique and Singh reported their van missing. Siddique was later found bound by cables on a service road near the M40 in Buckinghamshire, with the van abandoned and the cash missing.

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The UK's intelligence services are facing an "intense" challenge from terrorism, the head of MI5 has warned.

With the festive season coming up fast, everyone should think about being extremely aware of their surroundings and stay vigilant, no matter where you are!!  During this time if anyone suspects anything about anyone or anything contact the police or the transport police! Prevention is the key to creating a cure. 


The UK has suffered five terror attacks this year, while the MI5 was running 500 live operations involving 3,000 individuals involved in extremist activity in some way, people still managed fall under the radar. Andrew Parker said there was currently "more terrorist activity coming at us, more quickly" and that it can also be "harder to detect".



Everyone should celebrate Diwali, it’s a wonderful celebration!! I would love to celebrate it.


What is Diwali?

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