Quality Policy Statement


1SC Guarding Limited has elected to operate a formal 'Quality Management' system for ALL activities undertaken, that complies with the (current versions and) requirements of:

ISO 9001, BS 7499, BS 7858 & BS 7984 and conforms to the requirements of the NSI Passporting Specification 8/08.


The purpose of this is to provide a framework that assists with both effective and efficient operational management, and to ensure that all related requirements, (customer, regulatory or legal), are suitably addressed and monitored. 


This system applies to all aspects of operation from initial contact with Customers, and continues right through to successful provision of the involved / agreed ‘service’ levels. Thereby addressing both Customer needs and expectations.


All staff, from senior management down, need to be actively involved and committed to this at all times for this approach to benefit the business. As a result, system compliance should be fundamental in all work undertaken and practised daily in all activities, wherever the "work environment" may be.


Our ‘mission statement’ to supplement this is:


"To provide our Customers with a reliable and professional service

that gives total reassurance and confidence at all times, whilst targeting continual improvement at all times".


Within this, we aim to provide the necessary resources and to work towards best practice industry standards, resulting in a dedicated professional service to our Customers.


To assist in realising this policy in practice, supporting quality objectives have been established. These relate both to the Quality Management system and contractually agreed levels of service. These are monitored for achievement, reported as applicable and consequently used to drive improvement initiatives relating to the effectiveness of operation and supporting Quality Management 'arrangements' (where appropriate). For those applicable to the Quality Management system refer to QM 06/9.

This policy and supporting objectives are to be:

·      Communicated to ANY NEW staff upon appointment, during initial training

·      Advised to existing staff by way of discussion/training or briefing and/or copy issue

· Permanently displayed on the company premises


They may also be supplied to Clients with specifications, in part or full, consequently, it is important that ALL staff fully understands and attempts to comply with these specifics at all times


David Jones


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