Residential Services.


Going on holiday or leaving your home? – We can help! 


   Leaving your home for any length of time is  unnerving, especially today.  Let us take the worry away, enjoy your holiday or break whilst we take care  of your home 24/7.  When you’re away we’re on duty,  professional smart and part of the family.




                                   We’ll treat your property as our own, inside and out


Animal welfare, we will feed them daily

Grounds patrol around the premises

Outbuildings and garages are secure

Remove mail, newspapers & junk mail

Place bins out for collection and return

Check integrity of fences making sure

they are in a good state of repair

Garden tools, ladders, furniture secured

Check pools and ponds...



...Open curtains & blinds

Switch lights on & off

Secure all doors and windows

Remove car key

Left the cooker on? We will turn it off

Leaks from burst pipes, not for long!

Feed plants

Stock fridge as per client’s request

                        Your home will be found as you left it




1SC staff use up to date, portable electronic devices for reporting and compiling reports for all our visits day and night.  Vehicles are fitted with trackers that print exact location of all vehicles 24/7, ensuring an audit trail of actions taken in chronological order.


We are not just a Security Company, we’re YOUR Security Company.


To find out more about how we can help you call us on 020 7987 9306


Areas covered include Knightsbridge, Chelsea, Cheshire and Warrington. 





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