For over 10 years, we\'ve worked with hospitals, local surgeries\', local authorities and private sector providers to improve people care and create a safe and effective environment for patients, residents, staff and visitors. 1SC Ltd seek innovative security measures to ensure the best service is being delivered and we continuously invest in our staff ensuring they are highly trained and passionate about the quality of care they deliver. We are able to deliver Security and Portering Services on a 24 hour basis, assisting you each and every day by:


  • Creating a \"pro-security\" culture amongst staff, professionals and the public.

  • Deterring those who may be minded to breach security.

  • Preventing security incidents or breaches from occurring.

  • Detecting security incidents and reporting them to the NHS SMS.

  • Investigating security incidents in a fair, objective and professional manner.

  • Applying a wide range of sanctions against those responsible for security incidents, involving a combination of procedural, disciplinary, civil and criminal action as appropriate.

  • Seeking redress through the criminal and civil justice systems against those whose actions lead to loss of NHS resources.

We understand the complexities of working in both Acute and Mental Health environments and the legislation and guidance that surround these specialist areas.

We work alongside clinical staff ensuring the protection of the following:


·       Patients and staff.

·       NHS property and assets.

·       Drugs, prescription forms and hazardous materials.


We provide full support to our clients including advice and assistance on policies and procedures, maintaining regular contact with our client management and Local Security Management Specialists (LSMS).


What is the LSMS looking for?

Your LSMS is keen to hear about the following kinds of incidents involving staff, service users or visitors:


·      Physical assault and non-physical assault.

·       Harassment.

·       Theft.

·       Criminal damage.

·       Antisocial behaviour in and around where you work.

·       Genuine general security concerns.


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