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Interview questionnaire answers.

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As a part of our interview process, candidates are asked to complete a simple test that all Security Guards should know the answers to, unfortunately not all applicants have the basic knowledge required to work for us. Here are some of the more comical answers that might put a smile on your face!!!

What is a dry riser?

1.       Blade (for shaving) yes, you read that right, a blade for shaving…

2.       Is to make something dry. Good try but no…

3.       A water roller place

4.       To drain the water from the concrete. Dear me.

The real answer: A dry riser is an empty pipe that can be externally connected to a pressurized water source by firefighters.

Name our 5 primary senses

1.       A. Punctuality B. Handwriting. C. good person

2.       A. Respect B. Assertive C. be calm D. Attention E. be on command

3.       A. Safe B. protect people C. Protector D. CCTV E. Fire alarm

4.       A. Customer focus B. Communication C. Agility D. protection to clients E. employee focus

The real answer: A. Sight B. Smell. C. Taste D. Hearing E. Touch

What is P.A.C.E. 1984?

1.       An act of parliament which instituted a legislative

2.       Shoplifting act

3.       Healthcare

4.       An act (Wow great use of a brain there, if you had one)

The real answer: Police and Criminal Evidence act 1984


These are just a taste of the kind of answers we get from simple questions which these high-quality security operatives should know. Would you have known the answers to these? Let me know…  

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